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Little Johnny Deere Tractor

Little Johnny Deere Tractor

U.S.S. Dixie Boat

U.S.S. Dixie Boat

Train Set

The three piece train set is low to the ground and easy to use for all ages. It has a metal frame and plastic tube. Each piece can be purchased individual or bought as a set. Another caboose or passanger can also be purchased to complement the train set to make it a four or five piece train set.

Train Set
Woo woo... a different adventure every day filled with fun. This train set will provide kids with hours of imaginative play; whither, they are the conductor on the Polar express or a passenger with Thomas the Tank Engine or the hero in the Great Train Robbery. This Train Set will keep the little conductor chugging along with some exciting adventures as they pass through rugged canyons, and enjoy wild and scenic rivers with all their friends and other inspired activities.

Dimensions:See Below
Seat Height:26 inches
Platform Height:18 inches
Use Zone:This is a functionally linked Play Structure - A Play structure that acts as a single unit in its physical form or sence of function as continuous play. (ASTM F1487: §3.1.16, 9.2.2 Fig A1.44)
72" minimum in all directions from the perimeter of linked play structure.
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Shipping: Our Truck delivery.
Age Range: 18 months to 12 years.

Engine: 6' L x 2'6"W x 2'6"H

Passenger Car: 36"L x 26"W x 26"H
Train Oil Car: 4'L x 2'2"W x 2'4"H
Train Caboose: 2'7"L x 2'2"W x 19"H

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