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The USS Dixie Tug Boat
The Dixie Tug Boat helps the imagination of a child as they pull heavy tankers, put out fires, and helps with cargo ships, or just relax and go fishing. Kids can basically go through the day of a tugboat or battle a high seas adventure any day of the week with the Dixie Tug Boat.

Dimensions:5''L x 3'6"W x 3'11"H
Platform Height:12 inches
Use Zone: ASTM 9.5.2 Rocking Springing Play equipment Intended for Standing says it has an 84" non-overlapping use zone. ASTM says the standing spring rocker with limited movement cannot generate enough force for the user to launch themselves, it is exempt from ASTM 9.5.2. At this time there is no measurement for determining limited movement. This is one of those situations where professional judgement comes into play.

72" or 84" in all directions from the at rest perimeter of the play structure. Use Zone CAN NOT overlap any other use zone.

Shipping:Our Truck delivery.
Weight Limit:450 pounds
Age Range:5 to 12 years.